A dog with a damaged spine re-learns how to walk out of desperation to play again.


His twisted and stretched neck, his begging eyes, and his tight legs. We were concerned that he would not have obvious internal injuries after being struck by a car and that he might pass away en route to the hospital.

Even though it appeared that he had no broken bones, his spine was affected, so as soon as he came we started providing emergency care for pain and shock.

It would be necessary to feed this sweetie by hand until he mustered the confidence to face the agony and lift his head. And so started the several weeks of bed rest and physiotherapy that, along with his unwavering determination and unwavering love of life, would grant him the ability to regain use of his legs.
A car hit him and now he couldn't move at all.

We rushed him to treatment.

We immediately helped him with pain medicine.

He had no leg fractures.

But seemed to have a spine injury.

an IV drip would help.

His body was so rigid.

We fed him by hand.

Until he could eat on his own.

Day 15: He began to lift his head.

Week 4: Now he could be moved to a more open area.

Now he could practice walking on soft sand.

Daily physiotherapy helped him grow stronger.

Balancing was still so hard.

He put all his heart into trying.

Did you spot the sparkle in his eye,
that made us keep trying.

What a champion of hard work!

Meet Batani today:

"I can even stand on 3 legs!"

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