Accidentally cutting off the cat's nose. But now, look at her.

 This cat's nose had been severed by a traumatic face wound, leaving only two tiny openings for oxygen to pass through. 

She "surrendered" any resistance, nevertheless, to being captured and taken to the hospital while still in shock. She merely appeared to give us the go-ahead to attempt to save her. But saving her would not be simple. She refused to eat since her suffering and terror were so severe.

Her nose was completely missing...
We caught her and hurried to our hospital.

The horrible wound was so painful.

She seemed to "give us permission" to help her.

Her paw was also wounded.

And was infected with maggots.

She was just so sweet.

Day 2: In intense pain and anxiety, she refused food.

Day 3: She still could not eat, and we were very worried.

Day 4: She began to eat!

With her shocking injury,
We feared she might die.

But with every breath, her sweetness grew, and so did her strength.

Meet Lovebug now:

Lovebug is just the biggest cuddler!

Thank you to Rescue Team.

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