After being terribly injured in a leopard attack, the dog made an astonishing recovery.

 Even though no one saw the attack, we can only assume that the leopard was stopped; perhaps the dog overreacted in its defense. After being attacked in the throat and chest, he spent hours in complete shock. He was rushed to our hospital by residents of a nearby community. It appeared practically impossible to save his life. However, due to his incredible power, the leopard's teeth missed killing him by only millimeters.

His shocked eyes remained wide as adrenaline continued to rush through his body after he arrived at our hospital.

Villagers brought a street dog with a horrific injury.

They told us the gaping hole in his neck was from a leopard attack.

He was in shock and his eyes were wide with terror.

He needed treatment immediately.
His throat was exposed but intact.

We gave him pain medicine and flushed his wounds.

There was not enough skin left to stitch him at his throat or chest.

Then we gave him IV anti-biotics.

He had no appetite for food or love.

Now he had relaxed and his wounds were healing.

But he had a long road ahead.

Horrifically wounded, we thought this precious boy might die.

But quite, gentle and determined, Beesi had other plans:

Home time: 2 months later his local friends came to pick him up.

Thank you to the rescue team for taking care of him.

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