Donkey who had its legs bound together and left to perish makes a full recovery.

 This is Bansi, and we must inform you right away that he was saved, totally recovered, and prospered. The video's start is very heartbreaking, and while you watch it, the question "Why?" will likely consume your thoughts and feelings. 

Why did the donkey's owners tether it in such a horrible way? 

What twisted mind is responsible for this? what objective? 

Sometimes "Ignorance" is not an adequate response.

We found him dying with his legs tied together.

We can't imagine why his owners did this.

Struggling to escape the ropes, his flesh cut to the bone.

We needed to gently cut the ropes to rescue him.

Even touching the rope was so painful for him.

We worried a vein could rupture in removing the rope

So we rushed him to our hospital for the rope removing procedure.

We gave him a pain medication and started removing the ropes.

His wounds were so deep.

Don't worry sweetheart, you'll feel better soon.

Finally, he was free and his healing had begun.

Day 2: Fresh bandages and fresh grass.

Day 10, his wounds were healing well.

We needed to be very gentle because his wounds were still sore.

Police arrested and jailed his cruel owner. 
And meanwhile, we have fallen in love with beautiful Bansi

Thank you and best wishes to the rescue team, their work is amazing

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