Following a crocodile attack, treating a cow's massive wound

 When the neighbors contacted to report the injuries of this cow, we honestly didn't think a crocodile had attacked her. She was, however, grazing close to Madar Lake, which is home to little crocodiles that numerous farmers have observed over time. 

We gasped and believed when we saw her wound. We believe she was actually attacked by a crocodile, and this report was most likely accurate. Nothing else could account for the ragged margins of this massive, deep, and potentially fatal wound.

 There wasn't enough skin left for us to be able to sew it shut. We threaded thread into the wound to close it, which would keep daily wound dressings in place for more than 100 days. 

We got a call that a cow was attacked by a crocodile. 

A huge piece of her flesh was gone...

Local people came to help us lift her into our ambulance...

She was so quiet in response to shock and pain.

The wound was huge, deep and complicated.

There was not enough skin to suture the wound closed.

Small stitches are used to hold the heavy bandages in place.

We gave her lots of love and reassurance...

Day 15 - Her wound was healing well, but she still had a very long way to go.

Day 50 - The wound was no longer SO deep, healing from inside out.

When we heard she was attacked by a crocodile, we didn't believe it.
But when we saw the wound, we believed.
That was 6 months ago. Meet beautiful Emma now:

Thank you and best wishes to the rescue team, their work is amazing

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