Long path to emotional healing for dog saved with wire in neck.

 A dog with a wire wrapped around and stuck in his neck was spotted by an animal lover outside of Udaipur, who called for help. One of the most severe and unsettling wounds we have ever witnessed is this one. We were able to capture him and quickly transport him to our hospital after luring him into a makeshift kennel.

Metal wire was cutting deeply into his neck tissue.

We managed to lure him into a portable kennel.

We don't know how the wire became wrapped around his neck.

But we needed to remove it quickly

He was so nervous, we would have to use a muzzle to sedate him.

The damage was even worse than we had realized.

We used metal cutters to remove the embedded wire.

Maggots were burried into the wound.

Our hearts were heavy..
We didn't know if we could save him.

In the morning, we would remove the maggots.

When he regained consciousness, he ate well

But even the gentlest touch frightened him.

Day 10, week by week his wound got smaller and smaller

Day 20

We reassured him every day but nothing seemed to work.

But suddenly one day he gave us a beautiful surprise!

His fear finally started to melt.

From the depths of despair we had no idea if this boy could rise high.
Meet Bounce now:

His neck is fully healed!

Thanks to the rescue team

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