Recovery for young street dog with two fatal conditions is almost impossible.

 This underweight adolescent street dog was unlikely to survive due to two fatal illnesses. Maggots had eaten half of her face, and she had the frequently lethal canine distemper virus. 

We spent many days preparing for the possibility that she would "go downhill," as combating that sickness requires an immense amount of fortitude.

 It's difficult to fathom someone surviving when their strength is concurrently being required to recuperate from such a catastrophic and significant wound. When we saved her, her body seemed so weak and defeated.

We go a call that a dog had a terrible eye problem, Even with pain and suffering she wagged her tail.

Half of her face had been eaten by maggots.

Not only did she have a deadly wound.

She also had high fever and other signs of canine distemper virus. 

We applied powder to help remove the maggots.

We needed to wait several hours to remove the maggots.

With two such life-threatening conditions, her prognosis wasn't good.

Now we could remove the maggots and clean the wound.

We sedated her to deeply clean the wound.

Her eye was damaged it could not be saved.

Day 4 - Bright red tissue meant the wound was healing.

Her fever was gone and she was recovering from distemper.

She was such a sweet little girl!

Day 10 - The wound had shrunk to half its size.

She suffered more than we can imagine. But this is what "beautiful recovery" looks like.

Meet Juliet now:

Thank you and best wishes to the rescue team, their work is amazing

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