Terrible and in pain, the puppy's miraculous recovery after rescue.

We received a call to save a severely injured street puppy. He was hiding in a plastic bag when we discovered him, and as we touched the bag, he yelled in agony. He was so ravenously hungry that we could bribe him with biscuits to come out, but he screamed every time we tried to touch him. In addition to having terrible mange, he also had a deep hip wound that gave him shooting pains whenever he moved

We go a Call to rescue a very sick Puppy.

He was so terrified and just wanted to hide.

He was also very hungry.

We treated him for pain...

The deep injury on his hip was the cause of his acute pain.

This scared little boy was so much pain when we first rescued him, his worried eyes never relaxed.
But after 6 weeks of medicine and care meet Jumper today:

Thanks to the rescue team

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