This poor sweetheart was being saved from mange death!

 This frightened youngster had mange scabs all over him, and anguish permeated every part of his body. Mange was fortunate to be caught and held in their car while our rescue team was on the way because kind bystanders who saw him recognized him.

Local people caught a dog in a crisis.

They held him in their car to make his rescue easy.

His skin was covered in mange scabs.

He was in so much pain.

we gave him pain medicine.

He needed weeks of medical treatment.

His first medicated shower... and massage!

His innocent eyes accepted all our help

How good it felt to feed this hungry boy!

In week 3, his painful scabs... had disappeared.

But his joints ached.

Nail trimming time.

When he healed he was powder-soft.

Just like his nature. 

Meet Powder now:

Thanks to the rescue team

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