Watch what it took to save the baby goat who had become stone-like in the hardened tar.


Someone brought this little goat who was covered in tar.

Suri, a small child, was completely covered from head to toe in hardened tar. It required ten tender hands working many hours to save her precious life. 
She was allowed to perish after her owner abandoned her. We don't know how long she had been trapped in the tar, but due to exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke, she was nearly unconscious.

Her legs were fused together, and her tail was glued to her thighs. She was only capable of eye movement. She had lost the ability to cry for her mother.

To melt the tar, our group got to work using soap and vegetable oil. Puppies becoming stuck in tar in the past taught us that the hazardous tar takes hours to melt. Suri nearly leaped for delight as the tar's hold on her was finally broken. We also did it.

Watch this moving tale of transforming a possibly horrible death into a lovely new existence.
We had no time to lose.

She was dehydrated, overheated and exhausted.

We needed to bathe her in oil to remove the tar.

Or she would die.

Her tail was stuck to her body.

And her back legs were stuck together.

We moved her into an oil bathtub.

Finally her fur was starting to show.

So we could give her pain medicine.

We fed her liquified food every few minutes.

Now a shampoo.

She started feeling better!

And she wanted to stand!

We were so happy.

Two hours later.

She had to be a patient little girl.

Not finished, but now she needs to rest.

Now she could eat all by herself!

Day 2: We needed to repeat the whole procedure.

She just had the best appetite!

Day 3: It took 3 days to fully wash and clean Suri.

Hands, Hearts, Hope...

Look at the little Suri Now:

First day in her new forever home!

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