Dog is fighting for her life after suffering fatal bite wounds.

A wild beast had attacked a gorgeous dog that was just a few weeks old. Both the top of her head and the base of her neck had swollen and infected bite wounds. She attempted to raise her head and wag her tail to her rescuers, but she was too weak. We realized that if the antibiotics didn…


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Following a crocodile attack, treating a cow's massive wound

When the neighbors contacted to report the injuries of this cow, we honestly didn't think a crocodile had attacked her. She was, however, grazing close to Madar Lake, which is home to little crocodiles that numerous farmers have observed over t…

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I was able to save a little kitten that was near death.

This kitten was discovered lying wet on the road, weak and collapsed. Her small body was unharmed, but she seemed to have suffered horrible trauma; maybe she had fallen or been rolled under a passing car. But we gently rushed her to our clinic, chec…

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